House of Hummingbird colour Palette Story Board Teal and Blue Hues

Choosing Colours Consultation

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Choosing paint colours is not always easy. We know that it should be pleasurable but this task can often be quite stressful.  If you are lucky enough to get it right then you will have hours of pleasure in that space.  It is little like the gateway to forming the rest of you room.  The background will then compliment and enhance any furnishings added to the environment.  

We are lovers of using eco paints on our projects.  If you are going to live in a space then make it work for you.  The right colour paint on the walls and ceilings can breathe life into avroom, it can create movement and shadowing through out the day, as if the walls are part of nature.  This is achieved by using natural eco paints that have natural pigment in them.  the natural pigment allows the day light in the room to change with shadows through out the day.  Often you will notice that you buy a paint colour and put it on the wall and it does nothing.  The colour lies flat and dead on the wall, a huge vast block of colour with no life.  Try it and see if you notice the difference.  The second advantage of these eco paints is the depth of colour that they give you.  The natural pigment that are used add so much interest to your walls.

You may have a colour palette in mind and know that this is the mood that you would like to create.  However sometimes we can get stuck in matching colours and not contrasting.  It is often the contrasting that really gives you what you want. This can be from window dressing, to flooring coverage, furnishings and decor accessories.  We tend to get stuck with a colour in our heads and not look at it as a whole.  This is why we always recommend using a story board, it can be as small as an A4 sheet but it will give a really good idea how the colours will sit with each other.  We can show you how to do this.

 Let us help you find the right colour, tone and shades that work with your project.  This can sometimes be hard when you choose a colour and it never projects on the walls how you thought it would. These mistakes can be costly.  We can show you how to choose colours using the light and space in your room.  Get in contact and we can help you make the right choices.

Laura & Georgia