Large Brass Camel Mid Century Vintage
Mid Century Brass Camel
Large Brass Camel Coffee Table accesory mid century

Vintage Large Brass Camel

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This Mid-Century brass Camel statue just oozes charm and character. With his dignified expression he will definitely make a highlight on any table top. Have some fun and add a little camel to the mix!

H: 12.5 x W: 16 cm / H: 5 x W: 6.5“

When dressing a coffee table, side table or sideboard all the elements need to be considered. Playing with scale, raising some items on some beautiful coffee table books and placing some small items on a tray to frame them and tie them in together. Perfumed candles are a must to add a sophisticated layer of scent to your room as well as soft lighting of an evening. Texture in the form of plants or flowers and always, always, a little bit of bling to create a highlight to draw the eye towards.