Our Story

House of Hummingbird is a lifestyle brand, specialising in styling and supplying vintage pieces for the home, dining, entertaining and bar-ware.  It came to life after a particularly productive dog walk, when we discovered a shared love for all things interiors, and a love for unearthing vintage treasures.  From here the idea grew into starting a business.

We’re passionate believers in breathing new life into old through clever styling and the blending of eras. Each piece comes with a history and a story which in turn adds depth and richness to your home.  In this day and age, re-using vintage and antique treasures, brings sustainability benefits. It is our aim to source beautiful and practical pieces that will not only be unique and stunning but also useful.  We want you to enjoy these pieces on every level and share them with friends and guests as you entertain in your home. When they are not in use, they will look simply fabulous on display. 

It’s hard for us to think of this in terms of work as we get so much pleasure from it. The only truly hard part is having to part with them!  Being able to blend our interests in interiors, photography, styling and treasure hunting is a sheer joy. We feel that this, coupled with the fun we have together as friends, filters into what we do and brings the magic.  When you’re truly passionate about something, you’re going to give it everything, as it’s done with heart and soul. 

So whether it’s a one-off piece that speaks to you on our website, a special gift you’d like us to source, a unique wedding list you’d like to curate or help with a styling or interior project, we’d be delighted to throw all our energy into assisting you.