Why Use Antique Crystal Wine Glasses?

Why Use Antique Crystal Wine Glasses?


Easter is an exciting time and what could be better than a lovely drop of wine in an antique crystal cut wine glass to toast the occasion.  Enjoying wine holistically by using all of our senses to appreciate it, from smell of the wines fine aromas, taste of the high notes and low notes of the wine, the feel of ! the crystal and comfortable weight in hand, the sound of crystal when the glass is tapped and aesthetic beauty of the decorative glass is what it is all about.


We love an antique crystal glass.  So we thought we would share with you why we think an Antique Crystal Glass has earned its right to the Easter Dining Table.

Let us show you our favourite antique crystal makers and the anatomy of the glass.

 Finding a wine that suits your pallet is the first step to enjoying the aromatic taste of wine.  

 Finding your wine is not enough. Just as    importantly is finding the right receptacle to drink from. 

 Luckily for us since the Romans and their silver and pottery goblets, we have been obsessed with creating the perfect drinking vessel. 

The finest glass makers of Venice, Italy in the 1400’s took this further to introduce us to the shape of the wine glass as we know it today.  This is the foot, the stem the bowl and the rim. Each part plays an important role in the function of the glass.

Glass Anatomy


“It’s all about the base”.  This is the foundation to the glass, it needs to be sturdy enough to balance the glass.  The right size to float the glass safely, but not too big as to get caught on the rim of plates in a dining table setting.


This is has two functions.  Firstly it must suspend the bowl gracefully  whilst effortlessly looking elegant and sophisticated. The second is to stop our fingers from warming up the bowl and warming our wine.  (It also stops our smudgy finger prints smearing the glass).


Science in action is in the bowl.  This is where we see different sizes and shapes.  The shoulder is usually wider at the opening.  A wider shoulder allows capture of the aromas.  Certain reds that have aromas that are more complex and intense need to breathe, so these wines require a wider shoulder with a wider surface area to allow for this.



 ‘Think thin’.  The thinness of the rim can affect how we judge our wines taste.  The smooth transitional flow of wine to mouth is better from a thin rim as opposed to a thick one.  The ease of sip is very important.

Now the discovery of the glass in the ‘sum of it’s Parts’ opened us up to  a world of aesthetic joy.  So in the 1800’s the embellishment of intricate cut designs and twisted stems to the crystal glass began its journey.  Fine Crystal glass makers designed some of the most stunning glasses, with their intricate cuts and elaborate flourishes.

Cue... some of our favourite crystal glass makers 


Created in France in 1764 by the Royal Decree of Renault et Compaginie. Pieces produced were renowned for their attention to exquisite detail and clarity.  The popularity of Compagnie des Cristalleries de Baccarat managed to clean up with many prestigious awards over two centuries.  It’s desirability grew as it commissioned the well known designers such as Salvador Dali to create beautiful pieces for them.

Val Saint Lambert - VSL

The first furnace lit up in operation for the renowned cristallieres Val St Lambert in 1826. François Kremlin  and August’s Leliévre occupied the former Cistern abbey to produce some of the finest and exemplary crystal wares based in Belgium.  By 1900 there notable exquisite works had been desired from Europe and abroad and 75% of their production was in export.  Still today their antique wine glass collection is in high demand.

Others that are on our desirable list are Sévres and Saint-Louis also notable cristallieres.

Do not be afraid.  We often have comments from people that say that they are afraid to use antique glasses in case they break them.  These are glasses that have stood the test of time and are still standing.  Due to the creation process of antique crystal they seem to be sturdier than some modern day substitutes.  

You can feel a good glass in hand.  Antique glasses will feel heavier and sturdy.  So why not introduce your dining table to antique glass.  The refraction of light off the crystal and the unmistakable chink sound that resonates from it will complete your dining experience. 

With so many beautiful glasses to choose from, choose Antique Crystal Wine Glasses.



Happy Easter

Laura & Georgia


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  • A beautiful description of why I should use the antique crystal glass and it has earned its place on my dining table! Now which one to choose from your stunning collection!


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