Fig & Earl Grey Jam

  • Fig & Earl Grey Jam

    Stepping into Autumn and our food fads change from the easy breezy light summer dishes, to comfort and richer foods.  If you are thinking of making a quick and easy delicious jam, then look no further than this delicious recipe by Lillie O’Brien.  Recently on a day trip out with the family,  I visited ‘The Newt in Somerset’.  What a wonderful place to nourish your soul.  Beautiful gardens and walks that will feed you with pleasure.   Any excuse for me to pop into a shop and covert their products is always on an agenda despite my husband's protestations.  Anyhow, I popped into their garden shop to browse before leaving.  This book caught my eye, upon flicking through I felt I needed the book in my life so that I could cook ‘Fig and Earl Grey Tea Jam’.  Luckily for my family, I was right.  It has now become a favourite  in our house.  The taste is delicate yet moorish!